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Semana / 21 mar 2018

Foundational arts. Mural painting and missionary theater in new Spain

Michael Schuessler, Foundational arts. Mural painting and missionary theater in new Spain, Estados Unidos, México, UAM Cuajimalpa/The University of Arizona Press.

"Based on a wide array of meticulously scrutinized sources, Schuessler's conclusions will unmistakably stand the test of time. Unlike some books that rest conclusions on weak foundations, Schuessler carefully pieces together large amounts of evidence to discern the hidden transcripts in the sources consulted."

-Robinson A. Herrera, author of Natives, Europeans, and Africans in Sixteenth-Century Santiago de Guatemal

"Reminiscent of the hybrid codices created by pre-Hispanic tlacuilos (scribes), in this passionate and well-documented study, Michael K. Schuessler explores and analyzes the inseparable relationship between the dramatic and plastic arts as they developed and coalesced during the first decades after the Spanish conquest. The result of this exeptional syncretic process was the birth of Mexican literature and art per se, neither indegenous nor European but something entirely unique to the remarkable-and painful-manner in which New Spain was born."
-Sara Poot-Herrera, author of Los guardaditos de Sor Juana.

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